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What is a Service to Others Mindset?

What is a Service to Others Mindset?

🤔 Sometimes the best way to serve others is by asking the right questions. ⚡️

Friends, I know you all want to do the right thing. And so do I! That’s why I am actively doing it! I’m servicing you right now with these very lips — please let me know how I’m doing!

Do you need more links from me about how Disney has sought to infiltrate our children’s minds with gender confusion, along with the rest of the woke agenda? Or did you already get wind of that? Honestly, it is very hard to keep up with even a minority of global affairs, let alone your own lives. So I totally get if you missed it!

In the below NFT, You’ll see my own character, Ace the Snake pointing at a photo of Micky in an awkward position with a young girl he was photographed with on an official Disney gift Card.

You’ll notice the snake is not wearing a badge — so his authorization level to do anything about this may be limited… but I think simply asking questions is a great place to start. What do you think? What else can be done?

We could wait to see how this all shakes out in court… (I do wonder if we’ll see classic Disney characters go into the public domain 🤔 — I’m guessing we will)

But I gotta say, by and large, we have arrived to the ‘Disney Collapse’ collective temporal marker in the collective of mankind, and I’m proud to be of service to all of you in easing this transition! ❤️🙏

I’ve experienced some synchronicity as of late in this regard — and more than one of the people I look to for wisdom has discussed the industries that will emerge as the entire media apparatus collapses, and new leaders and new media continue to rise. Clif High, one of my favorite wise guys, makes a note of this in his current video on Bitchute.

Some of those who have seen this coming are indeed already seizing the memes of production without asking for permission 🔥⚡️.

This infographic may provide some perspective on how large the Disney arm of SAMO© Corp extends.

Do you want your children programmed with YOUR values, or the wokist satanic infestation over at SAMO© Corp??

I’m not the type who can idly observe this happening — I’m rising to meet the needs of the next generation — and I appreciate all the support I can get! 🙏❤️💫

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Anml Style
Anml Style: Stories of Freedom with Matthew J. Lawler
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