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Anml Style: Stories of Freedom with Matthew J. Lawler
SAMO 3D Decisions!

SAMO 3D Decisions!

Would you rather: Be mind controlled, get blackmailed, or be gaslit??

Take your pick, comrades! No matter whether humans, swine, or reptiles are running the show here on earth … this is the way things have been! Most animals have made their decisions already, but I thought it was a good time to review our limited options in the SAMO 3D Matrix for your public state of identity on planet earth… up until this point in 2022 at least. We have three options, and you have the freedom to choose!

Default to Mind Control 🤖

Option 1: Default to mind control. I think it’s warranted to mention straight away that the word government literally means mind control (govern = control, mente = mind). With an abundance of tell-a-vision programming available, and a complete infiltration of all of earth’s controlling institutions, it’s been quite easy to go with the flow of the myriad of SAMO© Corp.’s BIG EVERYTHING propaganda through each of it’s branches across medical, government, media, food, tech, etc. Well behaved mind-controlled slaves are usually rewarded with an abysmal salary or wage to keep them going round… but for those that slave hard — the upper class awaits! Your ego will love it! No matter where you land on the slave wage scale — This is the Blue Pill. Swallowing blue pills is the best way to avoid reality, prevent meaningful change, and honor your commitment to a mediocre existence, unperturbed by human slavery in an ignorant-fake-bliss that usually also involves more pills from Big Pharma. (Downside? You’re basically an NPC — Non Player Controlled in the game of life. You’re just running the pre-programmed non-human SAMO corp. agenda that is parasitic to life and are operating on a false sense of identity which is not your own). Don’t shoot the messenger, please. You have two more options!

Get Blackmailed 🏴

Option 2: For Maximum Success in the SAMO 3D Matrix — choosing to be blackmailed is your best bet. You may begin your initiation process by self-selection! The best way is to do something horrific recorded on camera, where a minion of SAMO corp can secure it. This is the fast track to SAMO 3D Matrix wealth, success, and power!! (Downside? You become a puppet mouthpiece for your parasite owners. Any attempts to change your mind, and you’re DONE 💀)

(FYI, I feel some ‘fictional’ stories coming on about SAMO Trooper piggies being blacktailed with manipulative tracking devices on their little piggie tails. I feel it might be helpful to educate the public how blackmail has influenced the world, without entering the grotesque visual imagery that is incumbent to the institutionalized pedophile blackmail system)

Get Gaslit for Truthing🔥

Option 3: This option has been only for the brave of heart. To get gaslit, one simply needs to be an observer of reality and speak of the abuses to all animal kind by the various branches of SAMO Corp. For doing so, you are sure to be ridiculed by all animals who are blackmailed and mind-controlled. The plus side is you get to speak truth, which feels good in it’s own right. But the cost of keeping your wits comes with some harsh and uncomfortable realities. You’re sure to get cancelled, banned, or shadow-banned from SAMO corp. employment as well as loss of speech on all the major online social watering holes.

So there you have it comrades. Up to this point in our recorded history, those have been our choices.

But is the “laptop from hell” about to turn the tides of history and change it all?? This discussion between Anne Vandersteel and Jack Maxi seems to suggest we are close to some really nasty shit hitting the fan, and it sounds like the implications are far-reaching for every three letter agency in the USA. It’s about time!

What will be the effect of the dissemination of the contents of the laptop from hell? Will it expose and put an end to millenniums of institutionalized blackmail and corruption? Will the information ever reach those who continue to reach for the blue pill? I have a feeling it just might ; )

What then?

Maybe… just maybe we can stop getting gaslit for truthing ; )

Maybe we can Make Censorship History.

Maybe the planet will be filled with unbridled joy after shedding the cloak of illusion and the parasites that held it in place?

Maybe the consciousness and frequency of the whole planet will rise to levels we can hardly imagine? 💫

I don’t like to smoke hopium anymore, but an anml can hope, yeah? Better yet, we can MANIFEST.

Just say NO to parasitic fear porn, and be open to change you never thought possible. ⚡️

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Anml Style
Anml Style: Stories of Freedom with Matthew J. Lawler
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