The Decentralized future of Education / Being Here during the FLIP / Animal Style Art enrichmentWatch now (7 min) | Building Behere in anticipation of new common knowledge right around the corner.
Back to the drawing board, gathering inspiration from the now.

December 2022

while getting settled in a new abode, and setting up for PRINT!
⚡️This is a message that needs to spread far and wide 🌎
Know anyone in need of a talented, web 3 minded artist and designer?

November 2022

Wishing all ANML's well as the chaos of a corrupt world continues while we build a new one.

October 2022

Will it stimulate a cascade of better education options for all animals?
Forgot an important link ; )
Extending an invite to the Anml Fam

September 2022

with a recap on where we've been
and finding acceptance seeing things as they are
A moment of reflection on one of the most symbolic days on the calendar : )