The Decentralized future of Education / Being Here during the FLIP / Animal Style Art enrichment

Building Behere in anticipation of new common knowledge right around the corner.

Hello everyone! How is everybody doing as we grow ever closer towards THE FLIP!

I’ve been tuning into

fairly regularly during these past few years, and I wanted to share two references to his latest newsletters with you all. The latest one is called ‘The Flip is Near’, and I share Clif’s sentiment!

Clif shares a 5 minute video, which I’ve embedded below, about how a new ‘Common Knowledge’ is coming, and I’d encourage you to watch it to innerstand what that means.

Many of you on this list I know are wide awake to the plandemic and the full long tail of implications it carries about how our world has been run.

But what does the world look like when all of this becomes common knowledge, and not just knowledge that some of the brightest and most curious among us have?

It’s quite a big flip. I’m doing my best to get oriented for this flip, and to serve my community as well as I can.

My family has been on a journey to get good at being uncomfortable during trying times as we have bootstrapped Behere and pioneered an outdoor enrichment model for families that are stepping out of the traditional education system and don’t want to be told what to inject into their children’s bodies. We believe it is the most important work to be done — granted, we’re a little biased, we have 3 precious young ones we need to protect and enrich in the best way possible.

For me, building a solid foundation for ‘the future of education’ has felt more important than drawing cartoons about our cartoonish reality — but I’m starting to see how the two might connect. I do love spending time with and working with children. In my earlier days, I spent about 8 years coaching recreational and competitive soccer with kids ages 2—14. It looks like I’ll be jumping back in the mix to teach art and storytelling…. and also soccer through Behere.

I’m also seeing an incoming opportunity to onboard young artists onto Web 3, and helping them mint their finest works into NFTs, and helping them kick off their ‘savings accounts’ outside the banking system and initiating their career as non-fungible artists.

My wife Brooke and I have started a Behere NOW podcast, starting with our first 3 founder chats, discussing our journey. You can catch last nights' episode here:

Founder Chat 3: Knowing our Value
Listen now (21 min) | Brooke and Matthew sit down together after a long day, and a second round of getting our little Elle down for bed. Matthew asks Brooke a question about MONEY! The marvelous duo has been on a long journey challenging them to the depths of their being — and they have survived it! Not only that, they have created an environment that children want to come b…
Listen now

Colorful References for the current exposure and the coming flip!

I got quite a kick out of this ‘Exposure’ newsletter from cliff. Don’t be the sacrificial animal! 😆

The Powers That Had Been are Freaking Out! That is why their decisions make NO SENSE to you! Look to see what they are still trying to cover up! They are trying to save themselves! Will it be at your expense? Are you the chosen sacrificial animal? Someone is going to prison! Have they picked you?!?

Cliff High

clif’s Newsletter
Vox Populi - Legislator Be Advised 2023 ~#7 February 10, 2023 EXPOSURE! Impossible to hide! Adrenachrome! Child/human trafficking! Rape, murder, pillage, and created War! Bribery, blackmail, extortion, election theft, resources theft, lying, cheating, propaganda! Toxic fake medicines! Corrupted institutions! People Dying Suddenly! Currency dying! Jobs dying…
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Here’s some color from Clif on the incoming FLIP!

clif’s Newsletter
Vox Populi - Legislator Be Advised 2023 ~#10 February 24, 2023 THE FLIP is NEAR! We’re Worried about you! Have you felt it? Are your spidey senses tingling yet? Look around you, now. Are your co-workers nervous? Anxious? Are they talking about #5GUW yet…
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Thanks for tuning in! Talk to you SOON!

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